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Alternative Solutions to Save Money

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Alternative Solutions to Save Money

Contractor was to construct in-water weir across a creek to improve fish collection rates at the salmon hatchery.

The plan called for construction of a sheet pile coffer dam across the creek, diverting water around the work, excavation to subgrade, placement of sub base materials, placement of contractor supplied precast concrete weir structures (two 10’-11 ½”L X 4’-0”W X 11 ½”D sills and two 5’-0”L X 5’-4”W X 6’-6”H wall pieces), and restore original stream flow through weir.

The contractor provided a significant cost savings to the owner by constructing the cofferdam with steel plates provided by DP Nicoli as a substitution for the originally designed sheet pile coffer dam. This method provided a safe and dry work area while accelerating the construction schedule. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget